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Astroglide® Warming Liquid 5 oz


Astroglide® Warming Liquid 5 oz Description: Turn up the heat with Astroglide® Warming Liquid, a personal lubricant with a twist. The same smooth feeling as original Astroglide® but with a soft, warming sensation. Heat up the passion with this long lasting, light and latex safe personal lubricant. Manufacturer: Paradise

Astroglide® Sensual Strawberry 5 oz


Astroglide® Sensual Strawberry 5 oz Description: New Strawberry Flavored Astroglide Personal Lubricant provides whisper light lubrication with a touch of strawberry flavor for enhanced pleasure. It’s water-based, water-soluble, latex safe and long lasting! Manufacturer: Paradise

Astroglide® Lubricant 5 oz


Astroglide® Lubricant 5 oz Description: A personal lubricant, which enhances the pleasure of sexual activity. Its unique formula is water-based, water soluble, condom compatible, and petroleum free! Apply a few drops to genital are. Vary amount to achieve desired lubrication. Manufacturer: Paradise

Astroglide® Lube – 2½ oz


Astroglide® Lube – 2½ oz Description: Astroglide personal lubricant for all of your intimate occasions. This product is a non sterile lube that will help you ease into those exotic tight places. Second only to nature. 2.5 oz. Manufacturer: Paradise

Astroglide® AstroGel Personal Lubricant 4 oz


Astroglide® AstroGel Personal Lubricant 4 oz Description: The best lube on the planet just got better! Now in a squeeze tube and thickened for easier application. Find out how convenient, easy to use and store the squeeze tube really is. Finally a no-mess solution to personal lubricants! Manufacturer: Paradise