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Sex Furniture

Private Dancer Pole Kit – Silver


Private Dancer Pole Kit – Silver Description: Surprise your lover with the… Private Dancer Pole Kit! This kit is adjustable with a minimum height: 7ft.4in. (2.2 m) and a maximum height: 9ft.2in. (2.7 m). The rubber non-slip pads protect floor and ceiling. This kit can be used on hardwood floor or carpet and is made […]

Bondage Love Swing


Bondage Love Swing Description: Topco presents the Bondage Adjustable Love Swing! It has a fully adjustable bondage sex harness, requires no tools, easy to install, and holds a combination of one or two people. Designed for hundreds of positions that you and your partner to enjoy! Manufacturer: Topco Batteries Required: none Initial Genre: Bondage Category […]

Black Label Liberator Esse


Black Label Liberator Esse Description: Two lovers. Six cuffs. Twenty-eight places for lock-down. Submission begins with Esse. Whether you seek R&R or S&M, you’ll say yes to the Black Label Esse. Equipped with wrist, thigh and ankle cuffs, this naughty nympho love lounge is the ultimate in orgasm. Include the Mini-Scoop in the action and […]

Black Label Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo


Black Label Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo Description: It’s geometry for the G-spot. Create climaxes that crescendo in your core on the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo. Cuffed to your custom-built temple of tickle and tease, angle your way into scores of steamy, new positions only possible with this divine duo. You’ll find the love-frenzy you […]

Black Label Liberator Scoop and Wedge Combo


Black Label Liberator Scoop and Wedge Combo Description: Tilt it, tip it, snap it, slap it. Lock down on the most dynamic of the Liberator line, the Black Label Scoop, and rock her hips into madcap climaxes that make your bodies buckle. It’s a 40-inch long pedestal that moves back-and-forth, adding an exhilarating up/down motion […]