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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Rechargeable Jack Rabbit®


Rechargeable Jack Rabbit® Description: The Rechargeable Jack Rabbit® explains itself! It has unlimited power with a recharger station that is included so you never have to change or buy those annoying batteries! It also has a 3 independent power pack, that changes the speeds of vibration and unbelievable rotations with a new reverse button! Manufacturer: […]

Wicked® Vibe ™ Bendable Vibe™


Wicked® Vibe â„¢ Bendable Vibeâ„¢ Description: This wickedly flexible and powerful vibe is the Wicked® Bendable Vibeâ„¢ and what as originally designed for Julia Ann is now here for you and to fulfill your every pleasure! This Bendable Vibeâ„¢ is made of a hygienically superior material called Crystalessenceâ„¢ and measures 6½ inches with a maximum […]

Waterproof Orbital Rabbit – Pink


Waterproof Orbital Rabbit – Pink Description: With all this spin, plus vibration and flutter you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ then meltin’ like butter! The Waterproof Orbital Rabbit is packed full with vibration, speed and directional control with a push button control pad. It stands 10 inches tall with an insertable length of 5 Inches and […]

Perfect Pussyâ„¢


Perfect Pussyâ„¢ Description: The incredibly realistic Perfect Pussyâ„¢ is the closest to the real thing you’ll ever find. Its RealSkinâ„¢, life-like texture and hugging action will make your cock feel like it’s inside a soft, tight, vagina. The undulating waves of vibration will help take you over the top for some of the most surreal […]

Jack Rabbit Harness


Jack Rabbit Harness Description: The classic Jack Rabbit design, with an innovative, fully adjustable, crotchless, sturdy, high quality strap-on harness. Comfortable harness for secure thrusting action. Removable, rotating, dong with non-jamming, metal beads. 6¾ inch length, 4¾ inches around Manufacturer: California Exotic