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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Liberator Scoop and Wedge Combo


Liberator Scoop and Wedge Combo Description: Tilt it, tip it, dip it, flip it. Liberator Scoop is a hump that rocks. It’s the wildest shape and the most supportive shape all rolled into one. On one side you have a rocking platform for your doggie, oral, missionary, 69 and anything-goes sex. It adds motion to […]

Liberator Stage


Liberator Stage Description: The Liberator Stage begs to be straddled. With knees spread and situated on either side, Stage presents the bum in a way no man can ignore—spread beautifully wide open. By lifting activities nine inches off of the bed or floor, the Stage will give you a second level of support to leverage […]

Liberator Wedge


Liberator Wedge Description: Add some sexual spice with this sizzling slice. Liberator Wedge adds support, lift and leverage to your repertoire by carefully cradling all the crucial points. The 27-degree angle excels every oral performance, eases any anal expedition and intensifies every single sensation. It’s ideal for extending the duration of any standard session and […]

Liberator Esse


Liberator Esse Description: Move, groove and make love in a million new waves. Seduction begins with Esse. It’s the ultimate in orgasm, perfection in positioning, a luxury love-craft with killer curves and seriously modern style. It inspires desires and, when paired with the Mini Scoop, offers endless opportunities in sexploration. Stretch out, straddle or just […]

Liberator Cube


Liberator Cube Description: The benefits of angling are obvious, but what about bounce? Any action on the Liberator Cube (which has carefully curved corners for this very reason) quickly produces reverberations which translate into full body vibrations that crescendo into mind-blowing climaxes. Hyperbolic? I dare you to try one. On a Cube she can effortlessly […]