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KinkLab Curb Tip Safety Scissors


KinkLab Curb Tip Safety Scissors Description: This perfect bondage scissor provides quick release from ropes, straps, and bandages without pricking or cutting the skin. These are stainless steel, have a rounded tip, and has a one and three-quarter inch long blade. Also highly effective in removing mass amounts of duct tape and plastic wrap. Manufacturer: […]

KinkLab Pinwheel With Leather Sheath


KinkLab Pinwheel With Leather Sheath Description: The Wartenberg Pinwheel is essential to your den of domination and submission. Lightly roll over the skin for a unique sensation. Great for sensory play and medical scenes, particularly the sadistic gynecologist and urologist. Can be stored for later exams in an already included leather sheath. Manufacturer: KinkLab

KinkLab Vampire Gloves – Size Large


KinkLab Vampire Gloves – Size Large Description: These vampire gloves are made of soft, thin, and sexy leather and have a fierce side: prickly metal points on the palms and fingertips! These create an intense ticklish sensation that’s great for sensory play, and should be used on a blindfolded victim for the ultimate freak reaction! […]

KinkLab Leather Hog Tie Kit


KinkLab Leather Hog Tie Kit Description: This kit is made of sturdy and thick leather, and has four rotatable crab-claw hooks. Contains two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, and one hog tie. This is the quick and easy way to instant submission. Your den of iniquity will not be complete until you have one of […]

KinkLab Anal Speculum


KinkLab Anal Speculum Description: This Sims anal speculum is stainless steel, has two prongs, and has a maximum spread of two inches. The muzzle measures three and three-eighths inches long. Perfect for disciplining your disobedient servant to give he or she a lesson that will never be forgotten, and for medical/clinic scenes for the sadistic […]